The Journey…

It’s only now, almost two weeks after my arrival in Oregon that I can even think straight enough to write and reflect on my trip here. Eight days in a small car…with three pent up cats yep that’s right, I said 3… don’t judge me. Following behind me, an extremely grumpy boyfriend, a u-haul and all of our worldly possessions. We sold a town home in Maryland, which was perfectly suitable, 3 bedroom home, with a garage. We quit two perfectly suitable jobs. We left both  of out perfectly wonderful families. “Why?” u may ask…

My decision was based on one thing only. I asked myself “Self? Are you inspired here? Are you nurturing your passions and finding a life that will truly make you happy?” The answer to all of these things was NO! I couldn’t find one thing in my present life (at that time)  that inspired me and encouraged me. 

So… with everything in a truck, it took 7 days to drive from Maryland to Oregon. I cried, spent a few sleepless nights in a couple sketchy motels, visited numerous gas stations, endured endless complaining from the 3 spoiled cats (remember them?) (see below) ate some horrible gas station food, digestive issues and car trouble. 

image image image

But we made it! We arrived here on the 8th day. Stayed our first night in a hotel and then on to our new home (rented) the very next day. We live 14 miles from Eugene, up on a mountain. We live on a compound, if you will, with 4 homes in total, and 10 chickens. It’s a small homestead belonging to two beautifully souled women. Since our arrival here we have met only the nicest of people, we have had no negative interactions in any form. 


Our spirits are becoming rejuvenated and we are soaking up all of the kindness people have to offer.  I am finding inspiration in all things here and it is my intention to share it with you. I believe I am on a Journey to who and where I am supposed to be in life. After all…its about the Journey and not the Destination…correct?

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