The Second Jam~ by Lila Felix


Published: January 2015


*This is Book One of the Love and Skate spin-off series.*

For months, Cyrus Black has been in hiding. After ruining his cousin’s chances of college, he goes from job to job, from place to place, making sure he doesn’t have to face them—or himself.

Beatriz Morales is set. She has a plan, a schedule, and a dream. Life has thrown her a few curve balls, but nothing keeps a derby woman down.

She’d never admit it, but she’s stretched too thin. Something has to give.

Love doesn’t just choose a person to see our strengths—sometimes love chooses the person we trust with our weaknesses.

The choice is hers.

My Review:

I am soo biased because I have been in love with each man of the Black clan since the first page of Love and Skate. I felt no different about Cyrus, and I spent the whole book swooning!!! Man buns are very sexy! I have done alot of thinking lately regarding the difference between needing someone and wanting them there. I was surprised to see this topic in the book, I believe that wanting someone in your life is a largly more powerful thing than needing someone there . Beatriz was so independant, I didn’t know if she would ever allow Cyrus to help her! She’s a one woman show!! I found this to be a very relatable story, as all of Lila’s books are. I can see a bit of myself in Bea, trying to do it all and make it all happen “flawlessly”. I loved that these two brought out the best in one another on every occasion! This book is a great addition to the Love and Skate family!


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