Knit Picks Caspian Wood Interchangeable Needle Set

knit picks

I bought this beautiful knitting needle set as I was gifted one of the same kind. I love the smoothness of the wood and the beautiful colors. I liked that it came packaged with the cords and everything in the same case, and it comes with stoppers.( which is important when you cannot keep focused on one project and need your needles for something else!) When you attach the needle to the cord there is a small tool to tighten the connection.

Upon tightening, it feels very secure. I was not fond of the cords as they were stiff and difficult to maneuver. When I used the needles, I felt like I had to work very hard to keep a uniform tension. I also felt at times, like the needles weren’t pointy enough to not split the fiber.

While I was going along, knitting my scarf, the needles actually twisted right off of the cord! You can imagine how thrilled I was about that one. ( someone had commissioned me to make this for them) It was a struggle to get through the project with the set and I was completely turned off by the whole thing.

Addi needles for me from now on.

I’d like to hear from you! Anyone have the same experience? 

One thought on “Knit Picks Caspian Wood Interchangeable Needle Set

  1. I had the same kind of experience. My needle came out of the metal piece connecting it to the cord. I too have been using addi needles. They feel like magic needles gliding smoothly and holding steadfast. You are right the cords are much easier to use much more malleable .

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