Throughout my recent move and the months that followed, I felt more and more disorganized. My brain was scattered…and so was my paperwork! I couldn’t remember one thing on my To-Do list, which was of course, written down in my head. So one day while putzing around on instagram…I happened upon the Planner Community. All I can say is WOW! They would be able to organize circles around me! So, I thought to myself, “Hey! You can be one of those organized women too!!”

So, I jumped online and bought my first organizer. I have since gifted the organizer to one lucky lady in my life. But, it was a Filofax in a hearts pattern. So pretty. However I don’t think the pattern was for me. So, on to my second organizer.The Filofax Saffiano Personal in Pear. Oh how lush and amazing. The planner itself is so soft and beautiful. I carry it everywhere with me, so as you can see in the pics, I kept the plastic guard on it. Cheesy I know. But oh well.

I wanted something that looked very chic and yet bright and cheerful. I would definitely recommend these planners to anyone and I have! So I am doing this as a product review, which I couldn’t give a higher rating to these. However, I also wanted to take you on a walk through of my planner.

My dividers are from @mintedsugar on etsy. They are everything I could have wanted and more! They are chic, sturdy and cheerful. My dashboard is from that shop as well. The dividers are all a variation of black and white, with bows at the top for top tabs! So cute!


. image3(2) image2(2)

Also seen in the above is my small pouch, which holds stamps, post-its and important receipts. The pen and pencil are from Target dollar spot. as well as the post-its shown. The cute Audrey clip is from RueVogueShoppe on etsy as well. I love the clip, as long as I dont have to use it while I take my planner along. It kinda gets bent and ruined. So if I am “filofaxing” at home I use it, otherwise it stays in the pocket. It came in a set of two along with the cat from breakfast at tiffanys, so, that’s the one I can use while on the go.

My first section is a blog planner section, where I can plan out the blogs. I am hoping that having this section will help me blog more often as it gives me a place to write down my ideas as they come.

image1(2) image3

So, I then have sections on FOOD! Sometimes I follow Weight watchers, especially if I feel like I have gained weight, or need to pull off a few. It helps me to feel in control. So, I made these cute little pages to keep on hand in case I need them! The other pages I found online (I didn’t write down the source but they were free) They are so handy for making grocery lists and meal plans. I go to the store, with my meals all planned and it helps me not to just throw any old thing into the basket! Also , later in the week when I am going to make my dishes, sometimes I forget what I was planning, so this definitly comes in handy.


Above are pictures of my Week on 2 pages, and my to do lists. I did not make the Week on 2 however it was also free online. I don’t remember my source, I’m sorry. The to-do’s I found the image online, and then used it to make this page. Very cute. I also have a monthly page which is a month however what makes it unique, is that it folds out rather than being on two pages. I got them from a shop on etsy called airplanegirl. She has great planner accessories, plus some cute inserts. She also made the checkbook inserts for me custom!



I love these monthly bill planners. I write down everything I owe and check it off when it’s paid!

Of course all of my pages are customized with washi tape and stickers galore! Its too much fun!

My advise to anyone who wants to start a planner would be to choose one that you absolutely love, that way you are more apt to use it. I also chose dividers and inserts one at a time, so that I would be sure I could use them practically. Almost all of my pages were free, so it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Do your research! There are many kinds of planners, and not all will work for everyone.

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